Open Season.

Feat. Missguided, Urban Outfitters, Primark & Alex and Ani

Scalloped Collar Chiffon Shirt - Camden Market
Chiffon Shorts - Missguided
Black Ankle Boots - Primark
Silver Bangle with Egyptian Eye Charm - Alex and Ani
Fedora - Urban Outfitters (Men's)

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So, after yet another impromptu absence, I am back! Between exam weeks, a trip to London, and settling back into my next term of college, I've been finding it difficult to find the time to blog. Not to mention the fact that we have been having the weirdest, most horrible, disaster-movie-esque weather here at the minute, so outfit posts are proving to be rather impossible. Excuses aside, here's my latest look.
I picked up this shirt when I was in London a few weeks ago - Liam and I spent a whole day in Camden, exploring all the amazing markets and stalls, and I found this beauty in one of the super-cute pint-size Korean boutiques. I just ADORE it. There were so many beautiful shirts there (I literally wanted every single one!) but I had to be conscious of my 10kg hand luggage allowance! I just loved the contrasting scalloped collar of this shirt, and the way it just flows really nicely. So much love for Korean clothing! 
These shorts were a Christmas present and I basically haven't taken them off since I got them (thanks mum!) I received several items of clothing from Missguided for Christmas, and I have been so pleased with the quality of the items - it was my first time shopping with them, and I will DEFINITELY be going back there soon. These shorts are my favourite of all the Missguided items I got: I really love the quality of the material, the pattern, the skirt-ish-ness, the silky inside lining, they're just fab. <3
Anyways, hope you guys like it! I seized any brief intervals of sunshine we had this weekend to take a few outfit photos, so it won't be as long until I'm back with another post (which involved many shoots being interrupted by sudden showers - expect major frizz in upcoming pictures!)

Lots of love to you all!


  1. Awesome pics
    And super nice outfit

  2. Scotty:
    Whenever my day needs brightening, I only need to go to your blog and visit your gorgeous pics...... your smile, your beauty, changes the whole day for me...from drab to the brightest sunshine my dear...... By the way the blouse is so beautiful, and I must have those lovely shorts myself......
    Jayme, your fashion and ballet loving GUY fan forever from the USA