Wednesday Wishlist. - Motel Rocks & Exclusive Discount Code!

Motel Rocks Wishlist & Discount Code

Hi everyone! Just dropping in to share this week's Wednesday Wishlist. I've been obsessing over Motel Rocks recently, especially considering they're having a MASSIVE sale! I already gave into the temptation and ordered myself their super cute Topi Tea Dress in Pansie this week, but there are still so many lovely things I'm lusting over - my wish list on their site still contains 27 items! S:

Here are my top picks from Motel, and GUESS WHAT!? You can now get them for 20% less by using my unique discount code: KITTENASACAT
How exciting is that!? If you do pick up something with my code, please comment below, tweet me, show me on Instagram, whatever! I wanna see what you guys pick out!

Have you been drooling over a particular Motel item? If so, link me! (;

Love, as always,

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