Thursday Trends - Hallowe'en Inspired Looks

Hallowe'en is such an exciting time for the fashion world - it's really one of the only times of the year when anything goes. I've seen so many amazing costumes and makeup transformations this year, but what I've really been enjoying is the way that Hallowe'en has even managed to influence our everyday street style. Here are some of my favourites!
I just love the way Amy Valentine styled these bone print leggings. She has a load of other Hallowe'en-y looks over on her blog, so go check 'em out!

Sofia Reis' amazing feathery jacket looks fantastic with this hat, which her boss calls her witch's hat!
Love this dress so much! Find more amazing shots of this Wednesday Adams-inspired look over on Bloody Roses.
Ashley Joncas makes an amazing kitty cat!
Vintage Bebe! One of her many witchy-inspired looks from last year that I just love!
I'm kind of obsessed with Violet. Like, seriously obsessed. Isn't she just amazing?

What do you think of these amazing Hallowe'en-esque outfits? I think this is such a cool way to show off your festive side without having to delve head-first into the stress of the whole costume and dress-up thing! However, as an honorary mention, you guys have to check out Louise Ebel's Hallowe'en post! She does an incredible Hallowe'en shoot every year, and she has really out done herself this year with her 'Tim Burton's Creatures' feature! I think this is the best collection of Hallowe'en transformations I've ever seen! Have a look at my favourite - The Mad Hatter!

So, what are you guys dressing up as this year? I'm nursing a flu this evening, so I'll have to crack out my planned forest fairy outfit next year. ): Have a great night everybody - have fun and keep safe!

Lots of Love,