Night Call.

Feat. Loving Youth @ Topshop, Oasap & Urban Outfitters

Loving Youth Etta Dress
Plaid Smock Etta Dress by Loving Youth
Burgundy Circle Scarf and Tartan Dress
How I style AW13 trends
Khaki Military Lace Up Boots by Oasap
Dainty Thrifted Vintage Watch
Maroon Circle Scarf Snood
Burgundy Circle Scarf Snood
Etta Dress - Loving Youth @ Topshop
Bag - Urban Outfitters
Socks - Topshop
Boots - Oasap

So... I haven't posted in over a month. That's a little bit awful. Sorry guys! Life has just been so hectic over this past while! I've moved back to Dublin to start back at my second year in university and have moved into a house with three of my friends, and everything has been going great so far! Unfortunately, while I'm enjoying it, I'm also left with very little time for blogging, but hopefully I can make some more time at weekends to get some posts up. Excuses aside, here is what I wore today!

I bought this dress this week in the Topshop sale, and I'm in love. It's from a brand called Loving Youth, a label I only recently discovered, who are fun and modern with a retro twist. This dress in particular, their Etta Dress, is very reminiscent of a smock dress by The WhitePepper that I've been eyeing up. However, with the latter costing above the €70 margin, and managing to snag this beauty for €14.40, I think that strutting out of the shop feeling like a shopping god was totally warranted. I'm seriously in love with this one. It subtly ticks the tartan trend box while also nodding to this season's favourite dress shape, the smock, and I'm head over heels with the sleeve detail. The material is also quite thick and warm, which is great for struggling students who refuse to turn on their heating so as not to deplete their shopping funds. Not speaking about anyone in particular here...
Also, if any of you follow my Instagram, you'll know that I picked up this little vintage watch for £4 when I was on holidays in England. I never take it off now!

I'm so excited that the winter months are rolling in. Words cannot express how much I love to bundle up with lots of layers and hats and scarves! This kind of outfit has basically become my college uniform, except with flats, and a big, heavy coat!
How have you guys been dressing to keep warm without sacrificing style?

Hope you're all keeping well! 
Lots of Love,

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