Monday Makeup! - bareMinerals Starter Kit Review

bareMinerals starter kit review
Hi guys! I'm back from my trip to Birmingham and I'm completely in love with that city! If any of you follow me on my instagram (scottythekitty), you'll see how much fun I had, and how gorgeous it is over there. I will definitely be returning sometime in the (very) near future...
I decided to bring you all something a little different today: a make-up review of my favourite make-up brand, bareMinerals! I have been using bareMinerals since I started wearing makeup, about 5 years ago, and have consistently bought from this brand over the years - I have quite a substantial collection now! Today, I'm going to take a look at the acclaimed Starter Kit, an essential buy for anyone who wants to start using mineral makeup. Let's go!
bareminerals matte foundation in fair review
Probably the most important item you will receive in your Starter Kit is the mineral foundation. The kit contains two different shades, one darker and one lighter. In my experience, there is not a huge difference in the two, which makes them ideal to use as winter and summer shades for those who don't normally tan, but whose skin may darken slightly in the sunnier months (like me!) My shade is the lightest one available: Fair, however I'm not sure if this shade is an option for the starter kit. I believe my first set contained two shades, light and fairly light, which were just slightly too dark for my skintone, but would probably be fine for you porcelain babes who aren't quite as vampiric as me! (; The starter set comes in four colour options (light, medium, tan & dark), each of these containing two similar shades. However, if you buy the foundations individually, there are many more shade options (with 20 currently available!)

The foundations contained in the kit are bareMinerals' original SPF15 formula, but they have also released a Matte version of these beauties for all you chickas out there with combination/oily skin. Of all the foundations I have used, I've found that bareMinerals Matte manages to keep the dreaded midday sheen at bay the longest without feeling heavy on the skin or having to powder myself like a geisha. The company's main selling point is the natural "no makeup" look and feel of their products, and I have to testify to their claims. The minerals can be easily layered without looking "cakey", there are no harsh lines or obvious differences in colour or texture, and it literally feels like you are floating about like some natural, bare-faced hippie chick. As with most powdery cosmetics, sometimes fine "dusty" particles may be visible on the surface of the skin, but this is easily solved by brushing lightly over the face with a clean, fluffy blush/powder brush.

One commonly-cited downside of bareMinerals foundations is the weak coverage it provides. Personally, the coverage doesn't bother me, but I will admit that, if you are looking for a quite a lot of coverage, this foundation may not meet your needs. I have suffered from mild acne throughout my teenage years, and the bareMinerals foundation has never really covered blemishes completely for me, but it definitely improves the appearance of my skin, and layering the product can yield better cover (think weak-medium). It's worth mentioning however that, though this makeup did not completely cover my acne, it never aggravated it and even sped up my skin's recovery. Every single other foundation I have tried and tested negatively impacted my skin in terms of blemishes in some way, bareMinerals never did. So, keep that in mind if your skin is sensitive or prone to spots! In addition, there's nothing to say that you cannot use a stronger concealer in the areas you need it under/over this foundation.
bareMinerals mineral veil review
In your kit, you will also receive the Mineral Veil. This is layered over your foundation and concealer and works like pixie dust - it makes any remaining shine vanish, reduces the appearance of pores, and kinda works like Photoshop for your face! It softens everything up and looks pretty - I can't properly describe it, you'll just have to see for yourself! This can also be applied at any time of the day to freshen up your makeup. If you want to buy this individually, there are tons of variations available - illuminating veil, tinted veil, and my personal favourite, the hydrating veil.

Now for the brushes!
bareescentuals bareminerals kabuki concealer and flawless face brush review
When I received the kit, the brushes included were a little different: a kabuki brush has been swapped for a full face brush. However, there is also a customisable version of the starter kit available, so you may be able to change the brushes you receive in the set!

The kabuki brush is what I used to apply my foundation with when I first started using bareMinerals, and while it still works fine, I have found a better alternative (more on that later!) My main problems with the brush were that it shed its bristles a lot, so you always ended up with little hairs on your face, and also the way it seemed to eat the product up! I thought a lot of the minerals ended up being wasted by getting stuck down in the brush hairs. As I have combination skin, I had another minor issue with this brush in the form of dry skin patches - the way the brush applied the product to any remotely dry areas of skin, the more noticeable it seemed to become! I'm not sure what feature of this brush caused the problem, but other foundation brushes have not caused the same issue for me, luckily!
The max coverage concealer brush is brilliant for precision application. It has a very fine point and fairly stiff bristles. The bareMinerals mineral foundation doubles up as a concealer, depending on how it's applied, so using the concealer brush with it can help you to cover and discoloration, blemishes, scars or whatever other weird things you're rockin' on that lovely face of yours. (
I use the flawless application face brush primarily for applying the Mineral Veil, but I'm sure it could double up as a blusher brush, or even as a foundation brush if you're looking for barely-there cover. It's really soft and fluffy and I love it! <3

Also provided in the set but not in this review is the bareMinerals All-Over Face Colour "Warmth". Basically, this is supposed to be used to "warm-up" your face, presumably like a bronzer. However, being the white sheet that I am, I have never really gotten into the whole bronzing deal. I know it's supposed to be great for contouring and that, but it never really appealed to me, so I thought it would be a bit pointless to review an item I haven't properly tested! However, my mother uses it religiously, if that's any consolation! (;
The kit also contains a pretty in-depth 'How-To' DVD which shows you what products to use where and with what brushes. I really advise watching this to pick up tips and techniques! I watched those tutorials and still use their swirl-tap-buff method, because I think it leaves the nicest finish on the skin! However, my years of using the products has resulted in a few modifications in the way I use them on a daily basis, mostly with regards to the brushes I use. I decided to share these techniques with you guys - hopefully they will be of some help to you!
bareescentuals eye buki brush review
This brush came as part of a set I bought ages ago, and was supposed to be used primarily on the eye area, however, I've found that it works really well on multiple areas of the face. If I'm in a rush and haven't enough time to spot conceal all of the problem areas on my face, I often use this brush to add a slightly thicker layer of the foundation to these places. It's the perfect size for undereye areas, along the bridge and sides of the nose, and around the mouth. While this exact brush may not be easy to find on its own, the Handy Buki brush is sold individually and seems to be a similar size and shape. (:
bareEscentuals Heavenly Face Brush review
The Heavenly face brush is what I use to apply my foundation everyday. I'm not sure what it was originally intended to be used for but it provides really great full face coverage. The bristles seem to be more densely packed together than the kabuki or the fluffier face brushes, therefore, less product is wasted and coverage is much better! (Trust me, the proof of this is revealed when cleaning your brushes!) The flat top of the brush also seems to make the application a lot quicker too, so great if you're in a hurry! I only discovered this beauty about a year ago, but it has saved me so many shedding woes and has made my minerals last so much longer, so I just had to tell you guys! (; 
bareminerals Touch Up Veil Must-Have
Just as a little bonus tip, I would just like to mention my absolute must-have bareMinerals product: the Touch Up Veil! It's essentially just a pressed powder, but it works wonderfully. I use it every day without fail to keep my makeup looking fabulous! ^^ This is a brilliant product for anyone with oily/combination skin, anyone who needs a long-wearing makeup solution, or touch-up junkies!

As a final point on the quality of the bareMinerals products, especially the foundations, I have to comment on their longevity. I have only recently replaced a foundation that I have been using for almost 3 years, and that's with pretty much every day wear. While I can't say if yours will last that long, it's clear that you will certainly get your money's worth as long as you don't go crazy and lash half the pot on in one sitting! 

bareMinerals are sold through their website, Sephora, Debenhams, and Amazon, among others. There are also flagship stores and independent stockists worldwide!

Overall, I would heartily recommend this brand to my readers, especially those of you with oily/combination skin or skin that is very sensitive or easily aggravated. If any of you have any questions you'd like me to answer, feel free to leave them below! Any requests for more in-depth reviews or tutorials using bareMinerals products (or other makeup products, for that matter) are welcomed!
Hope you guys enjoyed it and it wasn't too long! (;

Lots of Love,


  1. I've never tried BareMinerals before, but I think their palest shade is too dark for me anyway :/ I've never tried an actual powder foundation either so it would have been interesting!

    Annettibus |Irish Fashion, Beauty and Art blog.

    1. Hey Nettie!
      Feel free to try mine out next time I see ya! What you've got is clearly working for ya anyways, so I wouldn't be too worried! (:

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  3. The Full Coverage Kabuki brush looks soft :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony

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  6. Great post! Thanks for the detailed review on mineral foundation. Tip: for better coverage with mineral foundation, make sure you are buffing in small amounts repeatedly (as opposed to a lot at once) over freshly moisturized skin. xo-Jane