Friday Favourites - YouTubers!

I decided I might try to do a feature every few Fridays on some of my favourite things. For my first week, I decided to show you all some of my favourite beauty gurus on YouTube. I must admit, I'm a bit of a makeup tutorial addict!
  1. MissJessicaHarlow - Spunky, charming and oozing with confidence, Jessica is one of my absolute favourites. Her channel is a wonderful mix of cute outfit videos, Hallowe'en transformations, and every conceivable makeup tutorial, from sweet to sultry. Some of her best include an amazing Jessica Rabbit metamorphosis, her everyday makeup routine, and a haul video with her hilarious alter-ego, Beverly!
  2. KikiKannibal - I basically want to be her. She's crazy and a little weird, but in a strangely endearing way. I first came across her PERFECT cat liner tutorial and instantly fell in love! She hasn't been posting for a long time, but her vlogs, outfit videos, DIYs and amazing vegan recipes will undoubtedly make a new subscriber out of you!
  3. Petrilude - Undeniably one of the most talented makeup artists on YouTube (and he's a boy too!), Petrilude's tutorials will leave you breathless, and lusting after glitter pigments and liquid latex! He is, in my opinion, the best for Hallowe'en tutorials and dramatic costume makeup. It's almost impossible to recommend specific videos because they are all literally flawless, but if I HAD to choose, I'd check out his Mother Earth, Sea Nymph and Leopard tutorials, or any of his drag videos. (Be warned - he makes a ridiculously good-looking woman, your confidence may suffer!)
  4. Let's Make It Up! - This girl is such a little sweetheart and her hair tutorials are cute and oh-so-doable! I'm so lazy when it comes to styling my hair, but her techniques are super simple, and super effective. She features a lot of celebrity-inspired looks too, taking frequent inspiration from Blake Lively and the cast of Pretty Little Liars. If you have 5 minutes to spare, be sure to check out her super-fast, hair-emergency quick-fixes to save you from many a bad hair day!
I hope you guys enjoy the Youtubers I've recommended! Let me know some of your favourite Vloggers! I love finding new channels to obsess about!

Hope you're all doing well!
Lots of Love,

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  1. At the moment I love watching vloggers: musicalbethan & PointlessBlog