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Seeing as the Irish weather finally improved, I managed to do a look post before I headed back off to college for the week! Today was just gorgeous - one of those bright, wintery days with an icy breeze. I love that kind of weather. It just feels so fresh and clean, even if it is a bit on the cold side.
Anyways, here's my latest look!
This dress was sent to me by the lovely folks at Oasap and I am in love with it. The colour is even nicer in person than it is in these photos, and the fabric is so floaty and flippy and fun to twirl around in! Not to mention the ridiculously cute collar! I'm so glad to finally have a really vibrant red dress, and I know I'll get the wear out of it during the coming holiday season!
Red Lace Collar Dress - Oasap
Blazer Jacket - 2nd hand (from cousin!)
Fedora Hat - Urban Outfitters (Men's Section)
Black Suede Wedges - Primark
Black Overknees - New Look

The autumn leaves around my house are just so lovely at the minute!
This jacket was given to me by my cousin. It's made of a wool blend, and accidentally shrunk when she washed it, but luckily it fits me perfectly! I love the chiffon detail around the sleeves and the bow. It's so warm, so I'll be teaming it with all of my summer dresses as the weather gets colder.

Lookbook  Chictopia WhatIWear WIWT

Anyways, I must be off - I still have to pack my college bag and my bus leaves in an hour! Tonight I'm going to a Harry Potter themed party, which should be most interesting! The Hallowe'en festivities have already begun. What have you all got planned for Hallowe'en? (:

Lots of Love,


  1. So gorgeous. Those thigh highs are amazing, and I love all the black to contrast the red. :)

    I have the joys of working for Halloween. Fortunately not for too long though! It's been good to see/hear from you more recently. I've missed having your insight.

    1. Chris!!! Hey! :D It's great to hear from you again!
      Shame about having to work for Hallowe'en. ): I'll probably be spending it traveling and sleeping, so it won't be all that interesting for me either! Hope you have a good night nonetheless! ^^