One too many lonely magpies...

As most of you all know, I'm not the most consistent of bloggers. However, that does not mean that my intentions aren't great! 
Today, I had put together an outfit for my aunt's birthday party with the intention of doing a look post with it. But as I stepped outside with my camera, the heavens opened and the rain began to pelt down. Slightly dismayed at my misfortune, I decided that an indoor shoot would have to suffice! 
I scoured the house for a suitable location, but as the natural sunlight faded under the grey clouds, I realised that I was going to have to use indoor lighting - a real pet peeve of mine.
Nevertheless, I proceeded to take a series of underexposed, grainy and out-of-focus shots until I finally got the settings on my camera just right, and just as I settled in to take a few pictures... the lightbulbs blew. At that point, I just gave up!
(The awful moment!)

Anyways, this look may be posted in the future but for now, it remains "the look that never was".

Lots of love,

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