Your wrists smell of Peppermint.

Today is my third last day of school ever. I'm still reeling about this. It's like a 14-year tradition coming to an end, and a whole new way of life beginning. I know that college is ahead of me, which is similar in a way, but I still think that this is a crazy feeling!
Dress - Rare
Bag - Irregular Choice
Shoes - Dunnes

At school, we're preparing for our graduation ceremony - writing memories, making class symbols, thinking about the future - it's all a little surreal. My newest look features the dress that I hope to wear for the closing ceremony. I realised that pretty much every formal dress I own is black, so I probably picked the brightest colour ever with this dress to make up for that!
Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the Summer sun!
Lots of Love


  1. so beautiful scotty :3 i'm gonna miss your special path you take photos on! hehe buh life can only get better from here love! lovely dress as always <3

  2. Congratulations on the journey you have made so far and I look forward to seeing the small pieces of text and photos that will document your next step: college. Your looks are always so lovey, and i especially love the back of this dress!

  3. Oh my..that little bag is adorable!!! I am completely in love with the colors and it's design. Great dress, looks brilliant on you! :D

  4. gorgeous dress!! i love the color