I have just arrived at the end of a very long, very tough week full of exams, bad weather, and copious amounts of stress. AND NOW I HAVE A WEEK OFF. Yussss.
I just spent the evening sprawled out on the couch with Liam and my cat watching Star Wars (he decided that he wanted to educate me on the wonders of sci-fi!) and I can safely say that I am blissfully happy at the minute! :D Haven't got many plans for the week ahead though unfortunately, aside from a friend's 18th party and study-filled days. Might help Liam out with a short film he's working on for his college portfolio! :D

Anyways, here's what I wore today! (:

I'll love you forever! :D

I acquired this lovely vintage coat in Camden Market when I was in London on Valentine's Day two years ago. I actually didn't originally like it that much, but my Mum convinced me to get it, as it was cheap and really quite lovely. And I'm so glad that she did now! It's actually in surprisingly good condition, except for the buttons which fall off constantly (and which I'm too lazy to sew back on!)… but that is redeemed by the fact that they are square and awesome. 

I think my complete fixation with tartan and plaid has really started to become apparent… but I couldn't resist wearing the little bow too! :D
It annoys me how much this skirt bunches up below the waistband, and how ridiculously unflattering it can be. But I love the shimmery tweed-ish material and the polka dots, so I'll put up with it! :D

So, I think I'll quit the waffling here. By the way, to any of you who read this, if you ever have any suggestions for what you'd like me to write about, or any specific things you'd like to know about me, just ask! :D

Love to you all, as always!



  1. gorgeous outfit as per usual! envious... :) <3

    1. You make me blush! Thanks so much! (: